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Keeping with the tradition that started this business back in 1979, we're proud to continue bringing these Art House and Independent films to our audience.  Explore and enjoy!


Tomorrow (Demain) (NR) Genre: Documentary Runtime: 01:58

The documentary Tomorrow sets out to showcase alternative and creative ways of viewing agriculture, economics, energy and education. Directed and narrated by actress Melanie Laurent and activist Cyril Dion, Tomorrow introduces us to women and men making a difference in these fields. It shows how bottom-up community actions can have a meaningful impact by offering constructive solutions to act on a local level. So far, no other documentary has gone down such an optimistic road. TOMORROW is not just a film, it is the beginning of a movement seeking to encourage local communities around the world to change the way they live for the sake of our planet. “An advocacy film that's more vibrant than many movies with similar themes and focuses on some less common angles.” –Walter V. Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle. “Without question, this is absolutely the best and most creative film on the future of humanity and the environment.” –Paul Hawken.

Playing at The Nevada Theatre Film Series
Sunday 2nd July 2017
Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent (R) Genre: Documentary Runtime: 01:42

Director Lydia Tenaglia’s new documentary explores the remarkable life of Jeremiah Tower, one of the most controversial and influential figures in the history of American gastronomy. Produced by Anthony Bourdain, it shows how Tower began his career at the renowned Chez Panisse in Berkeley in 1972, becoming a pioneering figure in the emerging California cuisine movement. After leaving Chez Panisse, due in part to a famously contentious relationship with founder Alice Waters, Tower went on to launch his own legendary Stars Restaurant in San Francisco. Stars was an overnight sensation and soon became one of America's top-grossing U.S. restaurants. After several years, Tower mysteriously walked away from Stars and then disappeared from the scene for nearly two decades, only to resurface in the most unlikely of places: New York City's fabled but troubled Tavern on the Green. Featuring interviews with Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain, Wolfgang Puck, Ruth Reichl and Martha Stewart, this delicious documentary tells the story of America's first celebrity chef, whose brash personality and culinary genius has made him a living legend.

Playing at The Nevada Theatre Film Series
Sunday 9th July 2017