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Keeping with the tradition that started this business back in 1979, we're proud to continue bringing these Art House and Independent films to our audience.  Explore and enjoy!


Maudie (PG-13) Genre: Drama , Romance Runtime: 01:55

MAUDIE, based on a true story, is an unlikely romance in which the reclusive Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) hires a fragile yet determined woman named Maudie (Sally Hawkins) to be his housekeeper. Maudie, bright-eyed but hunched with crippled hands, yearns to be independent, to live away from her protective family and she also yearns, passionately, to create art. Unexpectedly, Everett finds himself falling in love. MAUDIE charts Everett's efforts to protect himself from being hurt, Maudie's deep and abiding love for this difficult man and her surprising rise to fame as a folk painter. “4 Stars. Highest Rating. Tenderness, compassion and forgiveness: these lie at the heart of the relationship between Maudie and her husband, and of Sherry White’s script.” – Thelma Adams, New York Observer.

Playing at The Nevada Theatre Film Series
Sunday 30th July 2017
The Groove Is Not Trivial (NR) Genre: Documentary Runtime: 01:00

Suitable for all. “Our recent showings of “The Groove” were so successful that we’re bringing it back for one more showing. Music lovers turned out to fill Nevada City’s Nevada Theatre for two local premiere showings of “The Groove is Not Trivial.” Director Tommie Dell Smith’s new documentary on world renown fiddle player Alasdair Fraser brought audiences to their feet to applaud throughout the film’s final credits. Fraser, who lives in Nevada City, attended the opening night showing and expressed how meaningful it was to receive such an overwhelming response to the film. “The Groove” follows Fraser’s journey from his childhood in Scotland to his current efforts to revive Scottish cultural traditions through his multi-generational music camps. You don’t have to be a fiddle aficionado to love the “Groove” as Fraser’s freewheeling, joyful and inspiring personality encourages everyone to find their inner “groove” and to live life more fully.” –Mike Getz, Nevada Theatre Film Series. “Director Tommie Dell Smith says Alasdair is as thoughtful and deep as he seems, and her film shows as well how talented, dedicated, and fun this music man is.” –Chuck Jaffee, The Union.

Playing at The Nevada Theatre Film Series
Sunday 6th August 2017
Deconstructing The Beatles' Rubber So... (NR) Genre: Program Runtime: 01:30

In October 1965, The Beatles were faced with an impossible task—produce a new album of original music for a Christmas release. Within one month, The Beatles had emerged with what many consider to be one of their greatest albums—Rubber Soul. They even had time to create a double A-side single, “We Can Work It Out” backed by “Day Tripper.” Both sides of the single, as well as the album, hit number one on the charts. In ‘Deconstructing The Beatles' Rubber Soul,’ composer/producer Scott Freiman walks Beatles fans through the creation of Rubber Soul. Learn the stories behind “Norwegian Wood,” “In My Life,” “Nowhere Man,” and other classic Beatles songs. Mr. Freiman conducts an entertaining, educational journey into the creative process of The Beatles performances and recording sessions.

Playing at The Nevada Theatre Film Series
Sunday 13th August 2017
Food Evolution () Genre: Documentary Runtime: 01:32

Amid a brutally polarized debate marked by passion, suspicion, and confusion, FOOD EVOLUTION, narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, explores the controversy surrounding GMOs and food. Traveling from Hawaiian papaya groves, to banana farms in Uganda, to the cornfields of Iowa, FOOD EVOLUTION wrestles with the emotions and the science driving both sides of one of the most heated arguments of our time. In the GMO debate, both pro- and anti- camps claim science is on their side. Who’s right? Here’s a movie that dares to cut through the noise to present new ways to look at a difficult global issue. “It is a brave, first-class effort that will age impeccably well, and perhaps punctuate the transition to a gentler time where science and reason rule over misinformation and fear.” –Kevin Folta, Huffington Post “A necessary contribution to ongoing debates over food and farm policy worldwide.” –John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter.

Playing at The Nevada Theatre Film Series
Sunday 20th August 2017
Deconstructing The Beatles' Revolver (NR) Genre: Program Runtime: 01:35

In Deconstructing The Beatles’ Revolver, composer/producer Scott Freiman takes Beatles fans into the studio with The Beatles as they create their seminal 1966 album, Revolver. In many music polls, Revolver is rated the top album of all time. The album launched a period of studio experimentation for The Beatles that coincided with their decision to stop performing live. With memorable songs, such as “Eleanor Rigby,” “Yellow Submarine,” and “Tomorrow Never Knows,” The Beatles pushed popular music to a place it had never been before. Deconstructing The Beatles’ Revolver explores the groundbreaking production techniques that went into creating this landmark piece of music history. In addition to many of the tracks from Revolver, Mr. Freiman will also explore the creation of two other songs recorded during the same time period, “Paperback Writer” and “Rain.”

Playing at The Nevada Theatre Film Series
Sunday 27th August 2017